This Is Not My Beautiful House: The Houses in Astrology

Whenever anyone anywhere in lay conversation brings up astrology, what immediately springs to mind is one of twelve sun signs, with a vague distinction such as “hardworking” or “stubborn” or “asshole,” and a memory of one or a few people from your past who fit that bill. Either that or visions of air plants, acrylic nails, geometric tattoos and the smell of incense. Western Astrology has experienced a rise in cultural prominence in the last ten years, similar to its rise in the sixties and seventies. The movements been metaphysically powerful, but sometimes mass awareness of astrology misses its mark in analyzing and understanding the deeper currents of astrology, and selling short the wealth of information the whole lineage of astrology produces. There is a lot more to person-centered astrology than just a sun sign.

Most people know their Sun Sign, but you’re ahead of the curve if you know your Rising sign. Your rising is derived from the exact time of your birth. Your rising is the constellation that was rising over the Eastern horizon at the moment of your birth. Your rising, or Ascendant sign has its own significance, but has greater significance as the beginning of your astrological house placement. There are twelve house, each with their own significance, each corresponding with a Zodiacal energy, and in every birth chart occupied by a different progression of signs.

The different houses govern different areas of the life, with everything accounted for: relationships, home, travel, money, career, death, metaphysics, etcetera. Everything begins with the first house. We’ve provided a breakdown of what the different Houses represent. There are lots of individual sources you can refer to if you want to know the specific significance of your houses in your chart. As you familiarize yourself with your birth chart, you will start see more and more info pile in about your house placements, and what they mean for your life.


The first house deals with your personhood, your self. What people think of you when they meet you, beginnings, first inspirations, the gunshot that sets things off in your life. Your likes and dislikes, focus points and dislikes are all contained in your rising sign. You can look to your Ascendant for the same information you look for in your Sun sign. A cause for many people not relating to their Sun sign comes from the stress on rising features, and people incorrectly guessing your sun sign could come from prominent features from your rising. When your horoscope, you should always take into consideration both your sun sign, and your rising.

P.S. If you don’t know your rising, check out your complete birth chart here. If you don’t have your time of birth, ask your parents, or see if you have any birth documents to reference. If you can’t, the mystery will haunt you!


The second house represents a person's relationship with money and material possessions. Everything you own and things that follow your body through life. Money, mattresses, books, ephemera, Vehicles. Taxidermy. Bullet vibrators? Everything. The sign you have in this house indicates your level of capability when it comes to making, keeping, and spending money, and what kind of things you populate your life with. It can also provide an indicator of what types of tasks, work and projects can be especially lucrative for you. The second house isn’t your main house of career, but it’s certainly one to consider when shaping what the money-making part of your life looks like.


The third house rules everything regarding communication. Mercury is the ruler of Gemini, and is exalted in the third house, so everything you remember reading about Mercury a few months ago in our rundown of Mercury a few months ago is apt to apply to the third house. The third house is how you express yourself, where you move around during the day, the how you relate to your immediate to the people you are close to. Third house also rules over your learning style, and can be a good indicator of what kind of early education you received. This house is about communication. You might find yourself having the most solid communication and understanding or the greatest connection with people with dominants in the sign you have in your third house.


The Fourth house rules over your home and family life. The way you deal with your immediate family, the kind of relationship you have or have had or will have with your parents. The Fourth house is closely tied to ancestry. A lot of what you have in your Fourth house will be what you have inherited from family, and what kind of energies you will pass on to your future progeny, and what has influenced the house you were raised in to be what it is. It rules over the kind of environment and emotional spaces you call home. It can also indicate what kind of home you will seek for yourself when you are in your receding years.


The fifth house rules over creativity, and the ultimate creative act: sexuality. The fifth house dictates how you express yourself in your creative projects, and how you are in (ahem) matters of fertility. That’s everywhere along the spectrum to how you are in bed, the attributes you seek in partners, to the goodness of your relationship to children. It also dictates what kind of things give you pleasure, and what form those pleasure takes. Your talents and how to enjoy yourself in life go into your Fifth house. What you are good at, and what makes you feel good. The fifth house is powerfully Venusian, and Venusian signs are exalted in the fifth house.


The sixth house can be referred to as the “House of Service”’ It governs your relationship to how you serve the world. It ranges from your relationship with coworkers people around you. It affects how you understand your relationship to the different classes, as well as how you yourself fit into the global economy of care. This is the house of high key humanitarianism, and low key existential dread. This house also has to do with being sick, and how you are treated when you are sick.


The seventh house is the house of Partnerships. It relates to your long and short term companionship, marriage, as well as divorce and remarriage. It rules covenants and contracts in your life, as well as issues of legality and court. It rules how you are in disputes, from both sides. The seventh house is the opposite of the first house, and deals with everything that forces your person to be combined with something or someone outside yourself. The seventh house is the urge to converge.


The sex rulership doesn’t end with the fifth and seventh! The eight house is one of the more difficult houses in astrology to place, as its rulership extends over birth, death, and rebirth. The 8th house is mysterious, and regards your personal evolution and spiritual transformation. It regards times in your life when your personality is broken down and built up again. It is the god of change and recreation. This house deals with things beneath the surface both literally and figuratively. Surgery, recovery, the cause of your death and surrounding events can be alluded to in this house placement.


The ninth house is just the third house squared: it deals with the same themes of expansion, learning, and education, just ratcheted up to the next level. The ninth house deals with long distance and long term travel, higher mind activities. Philosophy. Houses of higher learning. College and philosophy. The ninth house is everywhere you go and everything it teaches you. The ninth house also deals with the official expression of ideas, the officiation of writing: publishing.


The tenth house deals with what people who don’t know you know about you. Career, public standing, and relationship with a community. The part of your identity that rules the conflagration of your actions, and what you have created. This house affects your material success, and the kind of respect and desire people around you have to and for you. It also rules your ambition: how big can you get, how good can you be seen by the time you get there?


Unofficially, this is the house that links and builds with those whose visions one fucks with. The eleventh house is the house of networking. It governs over what kinds of broader social structures the subject will be a a part of. Clubs, workforces, friend groups, organizations and the like. How you enjoy other people can be illustrated by your eleventh house placement. On a grander scale, the eleventh house has to do with a lot of people working together, and how everyone fits together in the grand scheme.


The twelfth, final, and darkest house, the twelfth house governs personal undoing. You ever wonder why a Pisces spends time trying to project a self to the world, and how one self is never good enough for them? The twelfth house governs boundaries. Self-defeat is a big theme, the house is often nicknames the House of Karma. The twelfth house also has to do with divination.

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