Super Hot Fire: Mars in the Birth Chart

For the last little while, DMM has been keeping you up to date on what the stars (and your inner life) are up to with our astrology playlist series. Last October marked one full year of DMM giving you the knowledge and music you need to cope with a year of planetary influence! Happy anniversary, congratulations to both of us! Now that we’ve given you the rundown of sign archetypes and the artists that power each season, we’d like to change things up by giving you some more hands-on-help surviving the seasons. This will include updates on planetary goings on, more in-depth information on the Planets and the Houses, as well as Planetary Rulers, Nativity, and all the other astro-facets you have always been too intimidated to ask your hot friend who’s into that sort of thing about. Have no fear, DMM is here!

The planet Mars rules over the first sign in the Zodiac, and can easily be associated with everything involving fire. Mars is the gunshot heard round the world, or the lighter flick that starts that explosion Jason Statham walks away from in slow motion. Mars is all about strength, courage, bravado, desire, manifestation, and plunging in without a plan or a backwards glance. Mars expresses personhood by starting and doing. Mars starts quickly and goes until there is nothing left to consume. Mars rules over war, conflict and disagreements. The root of Mars power comes from the ego, and a powerful belief in the self. Why cross swords if you think you’re in the wrong? Why start a project that won’t work? Mars represents raw energy, and is the most unbridled planet.

The Mars of mythology has a lot of the same qualities as the Astrological Mars. He is the father of Romulus and Remus, the mythic founders of the Roman Empire, and the second in command under Jupiter (The Roman Zeus.) Mars was a powerful god of war, and one of the most lauded deities in the Roman pantheon. He was received very well by the Romans, but his presence with the Greeks under the name Ares was less popular. The Greek traditions cast Ares as a destabilizing, chaotic force, prone to selfishness and self-undoing. Self-centeredness and obsession with honor was frequently a character trait of Greek heroes, like Achilles in the Trojan war. Mars’ children, offshoots of his own character and those of his mates are good indicators of Mars’ overall vibe. They range from gods of love, minor gods of fear, and the Amazon race of warrior women, but are predominantly bloodthirsty warlords. If you ever need your bones chilled, find a list of Ares’ children and start ticking off their exploits.

In the birth chart, the planet Mars represents many of the same themes as its namesake. Getting angry and having sex are the main focus. The sign you have in Mars will greatly influence the kind of sex you are interested in and the kind of partner you find sexually attractive. It will also open a window into what what kinds of things typically spur conflict in your life, and come up again and again as a source of anger or disagreement. Through conflict, your ego releases things there are no other way to release, and your Mars placement will contextualize what those things are. These are likely to be cornerstones of your personality. Looking at Mars in the context of raw energy, your Mars sign will be a large target for where you naturally invest lots of energy. Mars in Leo spends a lot of energy looking good and caring about people, Mars in Capricorn spends a lot of energy coordinating for an optimal future.

Mars, unsurprisingly rules over and is personified by the sign Aries. They share virtually the same qualities. Aries people are known far and wide for their tempers and sexuality. Aries placements also represent one of the most distinctive features of any sign in the Zodiac, an undeniable magnetism. When one is around Aries people, it’s hard not to get sucked into their lives, their drama, their aggression, and actualising their desires. Maybe it’s the sheer strength of their personalities, the strength of their self. Maybe it happens because anything that comes between people is a shade of conflict, and it works like cement to keep people stuck to Aries. Though Mars’ nature is directly tied to identity, Mars doesn't inherently contain the deep seated conflict of identity many Aries people experience. A part of life as a flesh and blood person is reckoning with consequences, something the raw Martian energy doesn’t take into account. This disconnect could be the primary source of Aries constant nature towards conflict. The conflict goes deeper than merely me against the world with Aries, who often have a deep chasm of personality that cannot come to grips with itself. Aries perceive themselves as being so much, and yet never enough. All the action in the world sometimes cannot validate the need to keep doing. An Aries person in an astrology group I was involved in once stated to much agreement from other Aries that the music most representative of Aries headspace to be harsh noise: as sonically dissonant as the Martian headspace.

As always, never let the more bummer sides of a sign get you down! Mars does the most, and like anything else that does the most, they can’t all be a W. You can see the Martian nature towards doing the most, especially in matters of Aesthetics. Music and entertainment has a rich history of Martian showstoppers, including Lady GaGa, Elton John, Pharrell Williams, Mariah Carey, and Celine Dion (not to mention both Brendon Urie and Gerard Way.) If ever in doubt of your Martian nature, think of the Martians that came before you. If that’s not enough, think of all the things your Mars inspired you to begin, and what your life would be lacking if those things has never begun. Aries is a joy, and the plymouth rock of more joy and hardships to come. Like everything else in Astrology, it is there to be reckoned with, and how you reckon with it will determine the kind of choices you make, and kind of person you continue to become.

Keep drinking, fighting, and fucking,

-DMM <3

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