Premiere: The Regrets - "ENDLESS DESIRE"

Everyday Seattle musicians are either creating, sharing or performing their latest musical endeavors. DMM loves to stay on top of the latest releases and highlight these artists work. From hip-hop EP's to indie rock albums you can find the latest releases from Seattle musicians right here. Today we're diving into "Endless Desire" the latest release from local garage rock band The Regrets.

Turn up the volume and get ready to crack open a cold one because The Regrets just made the chillest album this side of the garage. High energy is rippled through the album’s discourse as tales of high nights out and relationships are sung over fuzzy mindless thoughts. The EP's first track, “temporary attachment” is a quintessential opening song due to it's catchy melody and utterly relatable taglines. The allure throughout the song is still there even when the song ends. What happened and what was next? Clever song writing from The Regrets is only part of the charm that lingers while you listen to them. The other half is that their unique sound is a city full of constant drizzle. Everyone is aware of the superfuzz Californian rock sound that’s touched us all at some point, but to see and hear that likeness in a band from the Pacific Northwest isn’t just shocking- it’s refreshing. Maybe it’s ‘cause this ex-Californian craves some fucking sun. But to hear cheerful tales in a catchy tune is a nice change from the drowning on that constantly lingers in the PNW.

Remember love notes? Sweet little nothings secretly handed over from one sweaty palm to the next shaky hand. When your eyes read the sweet nothings on the page, suddenly the world stopped and everything was silent. Only the ringing of the words to echo in your head. As soon as you left the outside world and journeyed in with your headphones hugged-a-top your head the world was filled with love songs. Now that I’ve heard “Under the Sideways Moon” this song will play the next time I blush. The lead singer’s John McCrea-esque annunciation makes me feel like he damn means it when he cries out “I promise you love without concern”. With 1950’s guitar and a memorable drumming rhythm playing you can’t help but picture yourself chest to chest with someone you love. “Under the Sideways Moon” was made for truly sweet and tender moments. Make it a go to for your Valentine's Day playlist for hunny.

The more “Endless Desire” plays I can’t help but feel happy. Tales of love, telling of nights that have resurfaced pieces of a memory filled with pure joy and courageous relizations of your worth. All wrapped up in a thunderous blissful feeling, even when the song writing seems to paint a picture of sadness, the production keeps the silver lining alive. That’s what is revitalizing about “Endless Desire”. It’s a humble piece of music that looks up even when things are down. While the winter blues barricades you indoors, press play on “Endless Desire” and you’ll be reminded to look up.

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