The Goodness of Fortune: Jupiter In the Birth Chart

For the last little while, DMM has been keeping you up to date on what the stars (and your inner life) are up to with our astrology playlist series. Last October marked one full year of DMM giving you the knowledge and music you need to cope with a year of planetary influence! Happy anniversary, congratulations to both of us! Now that we’ve given you the rundown of sign archetypes and the artists that power each season, we’d like to change things up by giving you some more hands-on-help surviving the seasons. This will include updates on planetary goings on, more in-depth information on the Planets and the Houses, as well as Planetary Rulers, Nativity, and all the other astro-facets you have always been too intimidated to ask your hot friend who’s into that sort of thing about. Have no fear, DMM is here!

The internet has been abuzz with lots of Jupiter info since November of last year, when everyone witnessed Jupiter enter their home sign of Sagittarius. After his twelve year Journey, Jupiter has returned home to his kingdom, and will spend the next year moving through the constellation. We’ll see what this means for you directly, but first, let’s talk about the wonders of Jupiter himself.

Jupiter is associated with every kind of fortune. From material goods, resources, good and bad luck, and personal capacity to generate capital. Jupiter is also closely tied to truth, both the everyday and the philosophical. Jupiter is the benevolent daddy bear of the zodiac. He gives much, and he finds favor among his kids. Jupiter also has close associations with good politics, book smarts and curiosity. Jupiters kids like to keep themselves happily stimulated. The energy signature tends to be optimistic and adventurous. They know their father luck can and will see them through whatever adversity comes up if their heads and hearts are in the right place. This kind of metaphysical safety net means children of Jupiter are seldom afraid to fall, and use their expansiveness to reach for the literal, or figurative stars. Jupiter is the largest planet in the Solar system, a huge gas giant, a ball of pressure and substance, murky air and pressure that Jupiter’s children have no problem seeing through.

The Jupiter of Mythology was the top god in the Roman Pantheon. He was seen holding Thunderbolts and was associated with the sky, which by Roman tradition meant he ruled covenants and promises, as the sky sees all that goes on beneath it. Jupiter would appear as the eagle, his holy sign and foremost among birds. The Eagle holding thunderbolts and arrows was a sigil of Jupiter, and the nation of Rome itself. Roman nationalism came from the belief that the Roman people worshipped the god Jupiter more effectively than any other people group, and that had won the gods favor for the nation. Sound familiar, right wing conservative Christian America?

In the birth chart, your Jupiter placement has a lot to say about your overall successfulness in business, sociality, and luck. A good Jupiter placement will lubricate your mobility in these areas. The sign Jupiter lives in in your chart will also influence the ways you find success and good fortune. A social Cancer will find fortune through friends and love, a fiery Aries Jupiter will have no problem being their own boss.

Many for the values and patterns of Jupiter are visited through their children. Sagittarius is the sign under Jupiter. They possess lots of energy, lots of potential, good luck, self-possessed sociality, and a firm idea that there will always be a next adventure. They are associated with the archer, whose strength lies in his good long term vision, strength, and follow through. Sagis tend to be real straight-shooters, in other words.

A Lot of Sagittarians have known their way around Pop-stardom, with long range career sense. Jay-Z, Britney Spears, and DJ Khaled, not to mention Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj, have managed to stay relevant long past the tenure of most artists in their field, navigating with a consistently high success rate. Maybe one of the surest examples in music is the coffin-throated songmaster Tom Waits, who hit stride with his best record after five incredible full records, with ten or so records still to go. His words talk about luck too, though not in the sunny sense that we typically associate with Sagittarian identities. Another ball buster Sagittarian is pop-anthem creator Sia. The songstress began her career as a touring artist in acid jazz projects, and when poor habits forces her out of the touring world, she began writing pop songs for other artists. Her work as a writer has received national recognition, which began a reinvigoration of her career that has lasted into the present. Her public image followed in the footsteps of Lady GaGa with surrealist aesthetics and risks in aesthetics and at awards shows, that garnered attention, both positive and negative, all indicative of Sagittarian risk.

With all these good things in generous Jupiter, you would be right to assume that when Jupiter is home, there is a big crop of bounty for everyone. Jupiter returning to Sagittarius is like a Victorian dad coming home with sweets for the brood of twelve children on payday. The bounty and room for expansion is there for everyone. Luck is running in the streets, so this is a good time for bottling it. It’s a good time to take a plunge, as luck is on your side. It’s a good time to share your bounty with others as well, as Jupiters giving nature is exemplified in similar actions from you. Keep in giving the gift that keeps on giving. Those native to Jupiter occasionally have a penchant towards letting their love of the sensualities and niceties of the world get the best of them, so it’s also good to note to oneself that they shouldn’t get too comfortable in their blessings, they should keep going! Money is attracted to people who keep it moving, luck is the same way!

Best of love, kisses, and well wishes from everyone, in this and the coming years,

-DMM <3

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