Get To Know Me: Salt Lick

Ahead of their stripped-down performance at Cafe Racer this Friday, February 8, DMM wanted to shine a light on local band Salt Lick and get to know them a little better through a playlist of songs that have inspired them. Tune in every day this week to find playlists from all the artists on the bill and to get an insider's look at what - and who - has formed their music.

"Here are a handful of songs that we've come to rely on for inspiration. The emotional chord resolves, vocal techniques, iconic guitar solos, interesting arrangements and layering, and deliberate lyricism and story telling used by these artists have helped shape us throughout our years as musicians and collaborators.

Listening to other artists is so important to us, for processing hard times, and feeling less alone in this crazy world we call home. Art is magic, connecting us and making us feel supported, validated and empowered. Music gives us the space we need to unwind together. We're humbled by the chance to share some of our favorites with you!"

- Salt Lick

Find out more about Salt Lick here. If playlist doesn't appear on mobile, click here.


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