WEEED - "Caramelized"

We are lucky enough to be able to share with you new music from all over the world. In our premieres we curate music that tailors our ever growing musical tastes and sounds. This week we have WEEED, a psych rock band that knows how to play. Using their musical prowess to navigate their doom sound into something all it's own.

The beginning of “Caramelized” sounds like it was ripped from the sea. It’s layers are like waves on top of one another and slowly those waves are coming toward you. Is that swell that I see? Just a perfect storm in the distant? The chord progressions only intensify the tracks rush it gives you. Perched up to see what is coming toward you a rush of other sounds meld perfectly. You have no idea what is going to begin and then there it is. The constant rhythm of the drums hits you to the point you feel you are there. You aren’t looking past the swell you are now physically apart of it.

You may be scared off from a track that is roughly 10 minutes long, but that’s apart of the magic of WEEED. They don’t continue to drone on and on like other bands who hit the joint too tough. They’ve taken what appears at first to be a simple jam session and created long winded stretches of precision, focus and grit creating a stellar piece of professional composition. Unusual harmonica tones, multiple drum layers and curious guitar chords meld together in harmony.

WEEED’s vocalist has an ethereal type sound to his vocals, as if he is chanting instead of singing. This is a fresh approach to a wild and eccentric production. Turning what seemed like everyday stoner rock to a complex and mystical place. Once you are in tune with the guitars pysch rock journey they twist upward and create a whole new outlook for you to take in. Just when you think the track cannot get more in tune with you it continues these long stretches of fierce yet delicate strings. Taking you on one high to another, again and again until you are completely apart of the song. “Caramelized” doesn’t take you on a journey- it let’s you be apart of one.

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Be sure to listen for WEEED’s new album “You Are The Sky” dropping on March 1st! Plus catch them on tour with Kikagaku Moyo.

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