Get To Know Me: Dirty Dirty

Ahead of their performance at Cafe Racer this Friday, February 8, DMM wanted to shine a light on local band Dirty Dirty and get to know them a little better through a playlist of songs that have inspired them. Tune in every day this week to find playlists from all the artists on the bill and to get an insider's look at what - and who - has formed their music.

"These bands deliver raw truth each in a special way that at some point Drew and I have discussed and took tips from over the last few years as a band. I consume music one band at a time in most cases and each of these has been or still is an obsession of mine. Some huge tonal inspiration instrumentally and a lot of lyrical and emotional content that has just stuck to my ribs."

- Ian Forrester, Dirty Dirty

Find out more about Dirty Dirty here. If playlist doesn't load on mobile, click here.


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