Let's Make a Baby or Not: Valentine's Day Playlists for Everybody

Your girls at DMM love a good playlist and our loyal readers know this more than anyone. This week's playlist isn't just your usual lovey dovey Valentines Day content. We've got something special for everyone's taste. So dive in and press play and happy holiday! (or not)

Ahh Valentines Day, the day of endless capitalist consumers gnawing at that their love publicly to the point of making everyone everywhere nauseous. For some it’s a day devoted to getting drunk with your closests friends and drowning in the misery of singledom or celebrating the fact that you didn’t text your side piece “what are you doing?" at 2AM (so it doesn't really count as being Valentine's Day) PRO TIP it is still crazy!! Hmm maybe it’s the day of the year you get all dolled up for your significant other and just dive into all the kinky shit you’re into but sadly never have time for. There’s also the classic Valentine’s Day filled with a romantic candle lit dinner paired with the finest clothes you dusted off and squeezed into, hoping that roses will be scattered through your life and a shiny new toy will be waiting to be unboxed.

It’s obvious we all see and celebrate the Hallmark holiday in different ways and in 2019 you should be able to do what you damn well please today and any other day. So my sassy ass decided to cater to all the lovers in the world. Whether you're out and about with your hunny on the town or prepping the shibari ropes for later, we have just the playlist for you!

We’re Going Downtown

This playlist is for the lovers who are staying in and banging! Only downtown they’re doing is on each other and walking when the Postmates human delivers.

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