Underrated: Why I Love the Seattle Opera

Honestly, I feel like everyone should go to the opera at least once. Yes, I know, it may sound ridiculous. Or maybe you're like me, and you love the drama of it all, the epic sets and costumes, the overdone storylines that are basically vintage soap operas. There is something so boujee about it, so extra, something that has been historically reserved for wealthy white people. Party crashing the opera is one of the most fun things you can do in Seattle.

First of all, you have to get kind of dressed up. Whatever that means to you-like I said, the opera is EXTRA. Feel free to go big. I usually bring some binoculars and snacks too, because what is an evening without snacks.

Picture this: a Saturday night in Seattle and you and your best friend are going to see Carmen, or La bohème. You're wearing your new RocioArt Como La Flor earrings. You've been feeling baby pink lately and she's been on an all black bender forever. You walk up the first row of stairs and see a wall of windows, with tinkling lights and floor waterfalls and lots of stone, and arching rooftops. Inside the windows there is a hum of gentle, upper class banter, and suddenly you are both met with a feeling of calm. You are taken care of here. You have money here. You aren't worried about affording that here. The opera is like an oasis, like any concert or show, where the outside world disappears for a few hours and is replaced by a dreamy, well-costumed musical world.

You take your seats. The theatre is enormous, balanced, bright, and the seats are comfortable. A hush comes over the audience as the lights dim, and the rumble of low instruments fills the air. Gradually, the basses and baritones are joined by the piccolos and flutes, and you are wrapped in a cocoon of instrumental wonder. Can we talk about the vocals also? It's sort of all about the vocals. These people are projecting to a HUGE room. No microphone, just the resonance in their diaphragm and soft palettes. The choruses, the twenty voices booming together while the strings and brass collide in swells and decays, the emotions, the ebb and flow.

I think The Seattle Opera is one of my favorite venues in Seattle because I think opera is beautiful. I think classical music is beautiful. And I think it's different listening to classical music on Spotify and in person, just like with any other kind of music! When the vibrations of all of those instruments and voices surround you in what is basically a perfectly crafted echo chamber you will feel things. You might be moved to tears or laughter. You might think the entire thing is ridiculous and overdone and a celebration of wealth and capitalism and that's okay too.

If you want to go to the opera, you can get a ticket for $25. If you bring 10 people, you save 10%! You can buy standing room tickets for cheaper as well. Enjoy those acoustics. Have a glass of champagne. I think you should go at least once, because it is art, and it is creative, and it is magical.

Treat yourself. (*Donna & Tom, Parks and Rec)

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