Review: Bad Saint Reveals Music Video for "Fall City Road"

“I don’t sleep well in the suburbs of my hometown, I know better than that,” sings Tess Freedel, the mastermind behind Bad Saint and their newest track, “Fall City Road”. This sentiment is something that is overwhelmingly relatable for anyone who grew up in a suburb, especially in Washington. Freedel is from Issaquah, home of the Issaquah Salmon Hatchery and Issaquah Salmon Days, a festival in October that celebrates the return of the Salmon to their birthplace. This gives you an idea of the kitchy, small town, suburban sentiment that the Tess is trying to escape as she drives through the her hometown.

The video alternates between Tess driving through Issaquah and following her double through the heavily forested off road areas of the city and its landmarks. The opening title scene screams of the pent up frustration that comes from feeling trapped in a childhood that you’ve outgrown. Tess doesn’t sleep well in the suburbs of her hometown, she knows better than that. She knows that if she wakes up one morning feeling a little too rested, she will never leave. She’ll end up stuck there and won’t achieve all the greatness that lies at the end of the path less traveled.

Despite this, the video brings about a sense of peace at the end. As Tess follows her past self through Issaquah, she begins to make peace with the past. Through her literal and figurative drive down memory lane, she shows us that it is possible to come to terms with all the pain and anguish that can be brought on by growing up, especially in a place that can be perceived as suffocating at times. Through the trees and misty parks, the video ends with a moment of clarity as Present Tess sits beside Past Tess on a bench overlooking some peaceful water. The final shot of the video, a gorgeous upward pan over the water by director Dylan Randolf, puts the whole thing in perspective. The different versions of Tess seem huge to her, but are much smaller in comparison to the city of Issaquah and in the grand scheme of things, the world.