Song of the Week: "In White" by Fox Grin

Get ready for an unexpected banger by your new favorite band, Fox Grin. This Nashville-via-Atlanta band knows how to bring the heat when it comes to seamlessly melting the best parts of art-punk, psych-rock, and dream-pop. With a sound that is influenced by not only The Shins and Vampire Weekend, but ELO and T. Rex and a discography dating back to 2012, Fox Grin are making well-seasoned genre-bending music. Their most recent single, “In White” off the their forthcoming full length release, Dusk, employs cascading harmonies and an unrivaled bass line by David Bean.

The easiest and most accurate way to describe “In White” is full. The lyrical content rounds out an instrumental backing that feels like you’re listening to a full orchestra in a symphony hall, while a motion picture of vivid colors dances in front of you. The drums, keys, and everything in between harmonize with Thomas Chapman’s voice in an irresistibly satisfying way. The color white is a reflection of all other colors and that’s a metaphorically perfect way to describe how this song sounds. Instrumentally, it reflects peace, chaos, light, dark, night, day, and all things that could be considered gray. Its purity is blinding, just like a fresh blanket of snow under early morning sunlight. It’s a great listen for whatever mood you’re in, but especially when you need something to lift your spirits.

Dusk will be out on March 22 and Fox Grin will be playing some shows in March around Tennessee, Ohio, and Georgia. Keep up with them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to see when they’ll make an appearance in Seattle!

Listen to the song below or here if it doesn't load!

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