Nic Masangkay and Falon Sierra: Music Video for "Forever"

Local music reigns in the Pacific Northwest and if you've ever read a DMM blog you know how we feel about new music. This week we're premiering the music video, "Forever" from Nic Masangkay and Falon Sierra. The latest music video from the collaborators speaks to

You may remember the single "Forever" from Nic Masangkay and Falon Sierra back when it premiered on the DMM blog in September! Well the heartbreak banger is back with a beautifully accompanied music video. "Forever" the music video, was directed by Nic Masangkay, Moonyeka, and Zora Seboulisa and filmed and edited by Zora Seboulisa. he collaborative effort bestod onto the music video is also translated in the tune and is a testament to how Nic Masangkay creates new music. The producer and songwriter is known for his collaborations in the Seattle area and unique production style. Constructing songs with other Seattle musicians not only with heart and creativity yet with compassion to create something lasting in the world. Making "Forever" not just a raw story about the uncertainty of the future and the overwhelming concern and joy of loving someone wholey but making “Forever” a testament of song to survivors.

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The music video serves the lyrics in a way that feels un-cliche and not as obvious as others have done in the past. The constant rewinds and fast forwards referring to the past and future, the dark static sound that embodies loneliness and worry, and the grey tones touching the screen make you feel cold embodying the lyrics. Details in the frames of overlayed images are mezimiring to look at as both Nic Masangkay and Falon Sierra sing with heart to relay their story of heartbreak.

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Enjoy the music video for “Forever” above and be sure to look out for Nic Masangkay’s project DARK AT DUST -The Final Suicide musical on May 10th, 11th and May 24th and 25th! Plus Falon Sierra will be at the Olympia Arts Walk on April 26th!

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