Premiere: Nic Masangkay - "Diaspora Lover"

Music hits the airwaves every second, new songs are written almost everyday but few songs resonate with listeners to the point where the song is attached to you. If even for a moment the songs sticks with you it is a massive win and achievement for the artists because somewhere deep down it stuck with your gut. And that my friends brings us to the songs you are about to hear today.

If you are a fan of Nic Masangkay's production you will be happily surprised that Nic's latest track "Diaspora Lover" takes on a new veil. By that I mean it sounds like a covert agent mimicking Nic's usual up tempo rhythm; its sleek yet quiet. Just like a silent killer it hits you when you least expect it with a cold synth section that hasn't been apart of Nic's discography before. Known for their production style and taking this leap in a new direction for a collaboration with the mysterious Guayaba was a risk that paid off. The production resembles both their strengths, while still coming off uniquely as their own.

"Diaspora Lover" isn't just another track between two collaborators with a catchy chorus. "Diaspora Lover" is a call to other femmes of colors seeking community in the depths of diaspora. The outside world is cold, it's stark and it's beyond lonely at times. Add living within repercussions of rules you didn't create and you are left with a barren emptiness that you need to salvage. That sentiment really meant something to me when I heard Nic sing, "These boys and these borders love to leave me lonely". There comes a time in moments of love and loneliness when you do feel that the hope is gone and that maybe the other side of the coin does enjoy seeing you in this pain, because if they didn't then maybe you wouldn't feel so much. That's where Guayaba comes in to overcome this heartbreak.

Guayaba's hushed rapping calls on these traitors in love and says, "I pray for you while I ask for a lover". That lyrics is a testament to the strength it takes to forgive while the pain still sears inside of you. "I forgive you for the things you've done but i know that we cannot be the only ones who seek solace in others" and then you are hit with that real moment. Because you know deep down you cannot be the only one in this type of pain.

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