Bloodlust and Cumstains: Pluto in the Birth Chart

Astro-travellers, we’ve learned so much about the world as we know it flying through the cosmos with one another through this series! This week, we look at Pluto, who lives at the dire, unmaking outer reaches of our solar system. In the mid 2000s, when god knows what other awful decisions were being made (Outkast put out Idelwild, George W. Bush was president, Steve Irwin fucking died) the greater scientific community made the decision that the ninth Planet of the solar system was in fact, not a planet. Pluto has remained in the hearts, mind, thoughts, and prayers of the masses long after its fall from grace, but Pluto's downgrade was not due to spite. In a manner you will come to associate very closely with Pluto and Plutonian energy, Pluto's planet death was the gateway to more life than anyone, astrologer or otherwise could have foreseen.

Pluto rules death, but is not the harbinger and torturer Saturn. Pluto is a master at dissection, and a reanimator of sorts. Pluto will destroy something utterly and entirely, and directly in its place build something totally new, on the same principles, different and evolved in every way from the former. Pluto is associated with following spiritual yearnings and forces that compel us. Following what we want sexually. Actualizing our wildest fantasy like it was living daily life. Pluto is the great recontextualizer. Neptune was a self-remaker, but Pluto is far darker, stronger, and more powerful. Pluto denotes water, but the water is much more far reaching, and the idea of love is taken far more aggressively. Pluto does the most. Pluto knows every aspect that relates to something, and can change them all. Pluto works in an engine shop, builds a motorcycle, and then shoots off down the road to join Cirque Du Soleil, leaving a trail of bodies in their wake. Pluto has a divine, unquestionable hunger for the next, the next, the thank you, next. Pluto is a force stronger than evolution, Pluto is a force something like evolution develops to satiate. God of sacrifice - bloodthirst. Pluto is often compared to alchemy, the lost pseudoscience of changing metals and gases into different metals, a discipline that opened the door into our modern understanding of chemistry.

A look at Plutos physical makeup reveals the through-line even more boldly. Pluto's’ Orbit around the sun is erratic and elliptical. You can visualize the planets orbit as a long thin oval rather than a circle, with the sun being in the center. At times, Pluto is very close to the sun, and at other times Pluto is very far away. Pluto’s surface composition is unknown, we’ve never seen it with our own eyes, but what is known is when Pluto is closest to the sun, the surface formation changes aggressively, as Pluto's’ surface changes from solid mass into gas, and forms an atmosphere around the planet. When Pluto gets far enough away from the sun, the atmosphere changes form again as it cools. This means that any natural features Pluto might have, mountains, valleys, oceans, are completely vaporized, ejected off the planet into an atmosphere, and then cool down and re-freeze into the a whole new architecture of the planet. We’re talking about sculptural change on a planet-wide level. Should we be surprised Pluto is the god of unmaking and rebirth?

The operative word with Pluto is rebirth. The Child of Pluto, or the Pluto system, or whatever we will call this force in the future, is consistently dark, weird, sexual, hyperaware interpersonal chain-shot Scorpio. Every single Scorpio is a silent army. Scorpio’s most notable and cliched attribute is their sexuality, love em and leave em, best lay in the world if you can handle the amount of action, baggage, raw emotion, furvur, and all the other extremeness that accompanies a Scorp. It’s true, Scorpios are often all about sex, but this is an offshoot of their being all about things. More importantly, all about Lust. Lust is the operative word for a Scorpio. A Scorps energy quotient and capability leaves them always wanting more, more from people, more from satisfaction, more from art, more from sex, more from music, more from life, they are water wheels that want to spin off their axl and be hurled into the ocean, but they just keep spinning. The Scorpio fearlessness in the face of all that is Plutonian carries an important lesson: The only way to live your dreams in real life is to chase them, actualize them, realize that they weren’t what you always wanted. Is there really another way of figuring out what you want in life?

Pluto as a planet wasn’t fully discovered and added to the solar system’s rolodex until 1930. Astrologers have had less than one hundred years to analyze what kind of affect Pluto has had on history, people, time, relationships, etcetera. It’s possible that everything to do with Pluto has to do with Pluto's involvement with a network of other planets, primarily Charon, and that the energy wallop comes from not one, but several moons orbiting each other as they orbit the sun. Big stuff. The realization that pluto is not a planet, but a two-sided otherism, is something different entirely, and should be considered in this discussion.

We were learning a lot about Pluto when they were downgraded to Dwarf planet around 2006. This wasn’t through any fault of Pluto's, but because Pluto wasn't coming alone to the party, they were bringing an entourage. Pluto still orbits around the sun, but Pluto also has an orbital relationship with some other bodies in its vicinity, five moons, the greatest of which called Charon, individually has enough heft that Charon does not orbit Pluto, but Pluto and Charon are both actively in orbit around each other. No other Planet in our solar system has this relationship, and Pluto's Astrological weight could be attributed to this coupling dualism. Charon was only discovered in the Seventies, so astrological understanding of Charon’s relationship to Pluto and the birth chart are still being identified, picked apart, and drawn into focus. It’s important to keep in mind that Pluto’s affects, and the Scorpio mentality is just as powerfully about what comes next as it is about the ending.

All good books end. The same goes for movies, albums, artist careers, and the lives of those we care about. Death is not something that should be feared. Death could merely be a gate into a different pasture of life, and when we die, we are as cows walking through it.

Hug your dogs, kiss your loves,

-DMM <3

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