Album Review: Tiger Rider's Self Titled Release Redefines D.I.Y.

Seattle trio, Tiger Rider released their self-made, self-titled album, Tiger Rider earlier this year and it did not disappoint. They embody the true meaning behind D.I.Y. by writing, recording, and produicng everything themselves. Plus, the passion it takes to bring a complete album into the world shines through on every track.

The album itself stands alone as a cohesive work with a consistent sound that melts the band's influences, Pixies, Weezer, and Jimmy Eat World, to name a few, expertly in a way that's original but familiar. A few standout tracks from the record are "Say What You Will," "Rebound Boy," and "Toxic Masculinity".

The opening song, "Say What You Will" is an anthem for anyone who has ever been told that their dream is out of reach, or they're not doing it the right way. The heavy bass on the song acts as the heartbeat of a rebel, someone who will do what they want, however they want, and they'll make it big in the end. This band has the gusto to fulfill their dreams and with this song, they're letting everyone know.

"Rebound Boy," which can be summed up by the lyric, "getting my hopes up again when all that i needed was a friend to depend on even without the benefits," a crushingly relatable sentence for anyone who has ever fallen into the trap of liking someone emotionally unavailable :/

"Toxic Masculinity" was another banger that leans a little more toward the emo side, with guitars and vocals laced together to discuss another near universal concept that seems to effect us all, toxic masculinity and the crippling toll it takes on men's emotions from an early age.

Check out the album below and catch Tiger Rider at Barboza on Thursday with Watership, Modern Day Astronaunt, and Pillow Junky!

If the album doesn't load, click here.


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