Premiere: "Muddy" Ft. Hush by Cosmic Kitten

The new music video for "Muddy" off of Cosmic Kitten's 2018 release, Lobotomy is filled with snarls and snares.

The video is in black and white, which creates an ominmous in the viewer as the bass and guitar feed off of one another to create a deep and encrouaching background. Through the entire video, you feel like there's something right behind you. You tell yourself that maybe if you walk fast enough and don't turn around you'll get away, but as the song erupts and the doctors dump thick white pills all over the patient, you know that you have to face what you're afraid of.

The freaky, slightly scary tone of this video matches perfectly with Cosmic Kitten's notoriously 90s sound. The twee-punk influence shrines through a thick blanket of heavy grunge instrumentals to create an unmatched level of enjoyability for those seeking something similar to the bands they know and love, but with a fresh twist.

LA pals! Cosmic Kitten will be playing at Cafe Nela on April 6th, don't miss out!


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