Get To Know Me: Beautiful Freaks

Ahead of their performance at Cafe Racer this Saturday, April 6, DMM wanted to shine a light on Bellingham band Beautiful Freaks and get to know them a little better through a playlist of songs that have inspired them.

"We are consistently impressed with the amount of energy and spirit that we see going into the rising scenes around the PNW. As a group we do not set out to accomplish any sound, our goal is to be as uncompromising in how we communicate what we can envision and how we translate that into performance. A lot of that stems from Peter and I starting the band in Seattle, where we found true role models such as Eva Walker & Ben Verellen that engaged and encouraged us as friends and fellow musicians. While our music may not be overtly political, it is l created in response to the political climate, and we hold our fans, audience members and fellow musicians alike accountable, we aren't for you if you aren't willing to evaluate yourself. QTPOC music communities are getting ever louder and sick of peoples shit. Its louder, more expressive and holds the bar high for musicianship and social engagement. We are so lucky to be a part of this regions music, moving forward in curating shows with such inspiring artists, bookers & hosts. We do not know what the future holds but keep