Premiere: DARK SMITH debut Music Video for "Sadfluid"

"Sadfluid" is the newest release from DARK SMITH, off their upcoming LP, Digressive. The black and white bathed video was directed by lead singer Danny Denial and shot by Leo Ramos.

The song focuses on mysogyny and toxic masculinity. "Sadfluid" refers to tears and the video features images of women crying, which is an often stigmatized expression of emotion, especially when women do it. The band highlighted this taboo by featuring their bassist, Lia Lovecraft's femme local motorcycle group, The Litas and The Rainier Ravens. The presence of some of the toughest, most badass women in the Northwest in the video brings about points of juxtaposition. Even though these women are incredible strong and capable, they can still cry and be vulnerable. Society wants so desperately to reduce women to just one thing, and that thing is weak. As Danny Denial sings, people do have "the fear of a female planet". Yet, all femme-identifying people are made up of so many complicated and varying traits and emotions, that they refuse to be anything other than just one thing. Women can cry while still being badass.

The video is also packed with cameos by staples in the local music scene, such as Emily Parker, Natasha Lumba, Eric Luck, Collene McCarter, Ian Forrester, Tony James Amber Marie, Charles Richards, and Sierra Moon Fortune. Which goes to show how engrained DARK SMITH are in the landscape of Seattle music and how the release of this highly anticipated album will surely put them on the radar of those who have yet to be infected by their punk lyrics and driving riffs.

Catch DARK SMITH at Our Fest on April 13! Plus, you can check out the rest of their music here.


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