Music Saved My Life: LCD Soundsystem 'Sound of Silver'

Music is obviously a big part of us here at Distinction Music Management. In this poignant series, Music Saved My Life we dive into songs and albums that have lifted us up when we needed it the most. Exploring what it means to have music literally save you from the depths of hardships. Learn a little bit more about our fellow human and maybe reminiscence on some old favorite tunes.

LCD Soundsystem’s 2007 sophomore record, Sound of Silver, at least for me, was not an album that stuck right away. The first time I heard it, I was already intimately familiar with their 2010 record, This is Happening, and in contrast to the catchy hooks and tight songwriting of that record Sound of Silver sounded repetitive, messy, and honestly just a bit strange to my ears. I couldn’t wrap my head around the odd percussion and plucky synths of “Get innocuous!”, the seven minute album opener which takes over two minutes to build to lyrics, or the mercilessly repetitive piano riff that begins and sits underneath the entirety of “All My Friends.” The chant-like vocals of the titular track “Sound of Silver” struck me as nothing but goofy, and perhaps even a bit weird for the sake of being weird. Friends of mine who got me into LCD would constantly tell me that Sound of Silver was their best record, pleading with me to give it another chance, but I was stubborn. Repeat listens only served to further cement my opinions of the record in my mind. It had its fun moments, sure. “North American Scum” was catchy enough, and “New York, I Love You but You’re Bringing Me Down” was a nice and earnest closer, but I couldn’t understand anyone