Growth starts where the heart hurts: Swingset “Been Time” Music Review

Creating music and visuals through cassette tapes and paper mache, Seattle local Swingset create a story through their soulful and catchy music. A quiet and playful approach to soul that reminds me of the music I would play in the background through the long hours of studying in my college days.

Their new music video, "Been Time," from their new Ep Jorts 45, utilizes colorful animation and stop motion that depicts a story of personal growth. I enjoyed that this growth is show through pictures and how simple and refreshing the message is within the video.

The cinematography of the video is simple but creative with basic medium shot of the story Swingset presents with the help of Artistic director Violet Crabtree. Crabtree’s animations are made in Arcata, California where she is also working with Sub Pop's Tacocat on a new music video.

You know when you have to rewatch a video because there is more and more things to decipher? I enjoy that this is the kind of video that always has something that stands out everytime you watch it.

You know when you have to rewatch a video because everytime you watch it, there are more and more things to decipher? Well, the message of the song feels like it could have multiple interpretations. From first watch, it seems like it was about a love story about giving love to a one sided lover, especially with the repetitive scenes of the paper hearts and the coffee cups.

One scene that stuck out to me was the transfer of hearts from one person to the other. It seem to represent giving love to someone who doesn’t appreciate that love. It takes into account the little things we do for those we care for like getting them a cup of coffee.

Others could interpret it as a message of inner growth and learning to take accountability for their bad intentions, which can be seen from the mountain of coffee cups that accumulates throughout the video.

Towards the end of the music video, the person who has been giving coffee without a care realizes how big the mountain has become. It could be a symbol of self-neglect and what results from toxic behavior and situations.

A quote from the song states “ It isn’t too late to change our way. It is the time to ask for forgiveness” stands out to me especially with symbolism that is shown in the video.

The finger people’s relationship is shown as one sided but then grows into a healthy, mutually beneficial relationship. This is only when the finger person realizes they are abusing the other when he comes across the mountain of coffee cups. Every scene in the video is simply impactful.

This soulful track utilizes visual storytelling to show how growth is different for everyone. It resonates with those who realize that their growth starts from within and then with action.

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