Introducing: Bragrat as Modest Mouse

This Sunday, August 4th DMM is teaming up with experimental production collective The Funhouse Family to throw a one-of-a-kind show at Vermillion that incorporates music, comedy, and improv for a unique and entertaining experience. With a Pacific Northwest theme, the bands performing will take on the tunes of PNW artists. Today, we introduce a very special band formed specially for this evening and this evening alone! Named Bragrat, the group met through supporting each other at shows and features members of Salt Lick, Dusty and Apples with Moya.

Below, DMM caught up with members Malia Seavey, Mike Sampson, Sebastien Deramat, and Ian McQuillen about their relationship with the band they're covering that evening, Modest Mouse.

Do you remember the first time you heard Modest Mouse and what song or album it was?

Sebastien: This is really cringey... I was 15 or 16 hanging out with someone I had a big crush on. She was driving me around the Eastside and we were listening to The Lonesome Crowded West in her car. We kinda stopped hanging out after that but she burned me a copy of the album and I listened to it pretty much every day for the rest of high school.

Malia: My best friend growing up showed me A Moon and Antarctica. We listened front to back while eating otter pops in her tiny popcorn-walled living room. I rotated between listening to that album and Lonesome Crowded West once a day that summer!

Ian: Probably "Float On." I heard about them in middle school and downloaded some random songs

Mike: Almost definitely downloading something off limewire, who knows if it was labeled correctly or not.

How has your relationship with the band grown or changed since then? Have you continued to follow their music?

Sebastien: I don’t really listen to Modest Mouse much anymore. If I do it’s mostly for nostalgia.

Malia: Modest Mouse has been a mainstay fave of mine from the first time I heard them. They've taken me through relationships and helped me get over breakups. Their lyrics have given me hope in knowing that others are just as skeptical and cynical as I can be. They also have the perfect merging of punk and indie, I don’t know if many vocalists that can take a scream into a soft croon as well as Isaac Brock. I haven’t followed them very closely since We Were Dead, but I found their newest single when we were choosing what to cover and it’s not a lot to be desired, IMO.

Ian: I listened to them more in middle-high school, now I don’t very often. I haven’t continued to follow their music until doing this cover show.

Mike: I’ve followed a bit, I’ve grown to admire their musicianship more than their actual music I’d say. They have such interesting parts, even if it’s hit or miss for me.

What song of theirs are you most excited to play live?

Sebastien: Definitely "3rd Planet." It’s a song I’ve always wanted to cover. Learning to play the song also revealed how huge of an influence Modest Mouse has had on my guitar playing.

Malia: "Dark Center of the Universe"

Ian: Probably "3rd Planet" because it’s a fun and interesting song to play.

Mike: "3rd Planet" because Ian’s excited for it and if Ian’s excited then I’m excited.

Have you seen them live?

Sebastien: I saw them once, probably around 2015. It was really good! They didn’t seem as drunk as usual.

Malia: Yes! I got to see them last year with Built to Spill at the Puyallup fair. I posted a desperate craigslist ad the day of the show and someone traded me a pair of 4th row tickets for a couple of beers!

Ian: No

Mike: First show ever baybee! Got dragged along by my friends and spent the whole time anxious about being around so many people. -

What would you say to them if you met them?

Sebastian: Eh, probably nothing. They’re kinda scary.

Malia: I would ask if Ugly Casanova will ever make another appearance.

Ian: Nothing special comes to mind. I’d say hi and talk to them about whatever seemed relevant to the situation lol

Mike: Give me some of your taxidermied stuff.

Bragrat will join Beautiful Freaks, The Prairie Fire, and Rather Ordinary Dudes on Sunday, August 4 at Vermillion Art Gallery.

rock :)

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