Beautiful Freaks on the Importance of Bikini Kill

This Sunday, August 4th DMM is teaming up with experimental production collective The Funhouse Family to throw a one-of-a-kind show at Vermillion that incorporates music, comedy, and improv for a unique and entertaining experience. With a Pacific Northwest theme, the bands performing will take on the tunes of PNW artists. We previously introduced the specially-made band Bragrat that will be covering tunes by Modest Mouse and today Bellingham's Beautiful Freaks are sharing their thoughts on the iconic band they'll be performing as that evening, Bikini Kill.

"From Beck, our extra special extra member for this performance:

I was introduced to Bikini Kill in high school by a good friend of mine. They made me a playlist, with "Rebel Girl" being the first song on it. I fell in love with the revolutionary nature of the group immediately.

I love that they don't label themselves as a band-they are an activist group first and foremost. Listening (and singing along) to Bikini Kill gives me the strength, power, and energy I need to face the crises impacting our world today and be part of the revolution (girl style now)!

90’s hard rock and hardcore, especially from the pnw, was a huge influence on the formation of the Freaks. With their raw and heavy sound and impactful political messages, we thought Bikini Kill would be the perfect embodiment of some the best of what Northwest punk has to offer (also they’re loud, which is definitely a plus for us)."

Beautiful Freaks will join Bragrat, The Prairie Fire, and Rather Ordinary Dudes on Sunday, August 4 at Vermillion Art Gallery.

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