The Prairie Fire on Neko Case

This Sunday, August 4th DMM is teaming up with experimental production collective The Funhouse Family to throw a one-of-a-kind show at Vermillion that incorporates music, comedy, and improv for a unique and entertaining experience. With a Pacific Northwest theme, the bands performing will take on the tunes of PNW artists. We previously introduced the specially-made band Bragrat that will be covering tunes by Modest Mouse and Bellingham's Beautiful Freaks' thoughts on the iconic band they'll be performing as that evening, Bikini Kill. Today, guitarist Paul Pingree of local alt-country quartet The Prairie Fire is sharing the history of his relationship with the artist they're covering, Tacoma-bred musician Neko Case.

Do you remember the first time you heard Neko Case and what song or album it was? First time I heard Neko Case was about 2006. My parents are dead heads and their entire collection is pretty much dead or dead adjacent. I was going through their stuff looking for something to listen to and saw The Tigers Have Spoken by Neko Case. First song was "If You Knew" and I was really into it.

How has your relationship with Neko Case grown or changed since then? Have you continued to follow their music? I listened to that album and others a lot for a few years after I first heard it. I've recently come back to Neko Case after joining a country band. The Tigers Have Spoken is definitely my favorite and have drawn a lot of inspiration from it. The guitars on that album go hard.

What song of hers are you most excited to play? "If You Knew"

Have you seen her play live? Nope.

What would you say to her if you met her? I'm kinda shy and have had some bad experiences meeting musicians that I look up to so I'd probably just say thank you.

The Prairie Fire will join Bragrat, Beautiful Freaks, and Rather Ordinary Dudes on Sunday, August 4 at Vermillion Art Gallery.

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