An Ode To My Mom on the Anniversary of Her Death

Over the past year, we’ve all struggled, lost, suffered depression, experienced manic happiness, and all the great things in between. Shit’s crazy right?!

Earlier tonight I ran into an acquaintance whose mother lives with her. And she, like all of us do, complained about the needy nature of her mother. How she’s a little over-critical, over-bearing, and generally over-stepped a lot. Not knowing that the anniversary of my mom's passing is tomorrow.

After listening to her gripe for a few minutes, I decided to be vulnerable. If you know me, you know I don’t usually share this information so hastily. I shared my struggle with my mom's addiction and losing her just before my 21st birthday. And her response was, “And this is why we ran into each other, to give me perspective on what I still have.”

Although the passing of my mom was the hardest thing I’ve had to overcome emotionally in my life and the road to losing her was a long and tough journey. While having gone through what I have, I never want to make anyone feel bad or guilty for feeling these feelings, rather look back on the good times. Fuck, even the fights seem funny now.

Family is wild, I think often how if I weren’t related to mine, would I know them? Would we like each other? Then I think about the time my sister and I cried together about this exact subject then danced our asses off to Lady Gaga in the diciest dive bars in Washington or when my brother and I would go to Denny’s and talk about our life’s dreams at 4 am on a Tuesday. I am so grateful for the challenge of navigating a relationship that doesn’t completely make sense. But is something I cherish and want to build stronger.

The world is a scary and fragile place, what I’ve learned is to handle conflict as is happens with someone you love. You never know when your last goodbye will be. Tell people how you feel, life’s too fucking short. Hug a little tighter. And most of all, it doesn’t cost you anything to brighten someone’s day with a smile or a complement.

This playlist is dedicated to my mom. She didn’t have the best music taste but here we are. She loved Eminem. RIP Jo Anne Davies

Anna Davies

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