DMM Presents: A Very Pandemic Vday

If you found a new love this year chances are, like me, you were cautiously optimistic. Started slow, cupcakin’ through the phone, seeing if your conversations felt good. If you had the same political views and similar values. All the important things that may have taken longer to figure out in the past because now, all you can do is talk.

Once it felt safe to meet up, you did. Maybe y’all took a walk, grabbed coffee, or a drink. And maybe you did that *thing* good for you, get it. Did you realize you didn’t have any chemistry? Or did you find the pot of gold in a global pandemic? Was that kiss, the one you hadn’t had in a maybe year, the spark or demise?

This is a choose your own adventure Valentine’s Day-list. You can choose the strange pandemic love OR the stranger you risked your life, morals, and time you will never get back, to see. And to the lovers who’ve been tried and true, I got y’all too 🥰

Come along...

Damn, that tinder date went well.

You are in deep shit. You low key fell in love with someone you’ve literally just been chillin’ at the house with. You’ve never eaten at a restaurant with them, you’ve never met their friends, you probably haven’t seen them drunk. You truly are getting the polished version of them that they are allowing you to see. tf do they treat the server, do they tip well, are they a woo girl or a douche bro?!

On the other hand, you may have met a wonderful, genuine person you could potentially have something real and beautiful with.

Either way, it should make for a good story. Good luck with this new, unfamiliar love.

That was a whole ass waste of time.

Congratulations and/or condolences, you are in the same position you were 11 months ago. Single, alone, perhaps calling that same booty call you’ve been calling for far too long.

I hope you’re content with yourself because that’s what you got. No meaningless sex, no hot honeymoon-type sex, not even snuggles. Just you, Onlyfans, and this playlist. Pour yourself a drink, roll a joint, take a long bath, do a face mask, and vibe to this. You deserve some self-care today.

Our long-lasting lovers.

Don’t think I forgot about all my favorite couples! First, I must say congratulations for not killing each other. It must be hard to just be with your partner all the-fucking-time. Oof, and if y’all have kids this playlist requires a bottle of tequila for the task of homeschooling alone. We commend you.

Now here we are. The most romantic day of the year, wine and dine your sweetheart. Shower them with gifts, make a good meal and treat yourselves to something sweet.

Be grateful you have a partner that stuck with you through 2020, you got a good one on your side. Let the night take its course. But let me set the mood for you.

-Anna Davies

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